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Essentials for Office Furniture

A well-designed office makes a statement to visitors and provides the owner with a comfortable environment, an important factor when considering that you may spend 40 or more hours a week inside it.



Perhaps the most important part of an office is the desk, which provides a surface for a computer, phone, printer and other objects vital to business. It also allows space for personal belongings on top or in drawers. Office workers can choose from several desk styles, from elegant executive-style desks to spacious L-shaped desks to compact corner desks designed to fit snugly against the wall.



Without something on which to sit comfortably, a desk is not a very practical piece of furniture, so a chair plays a significant role in office decor. Workers who spend entire shifts in front of a computer or on the phone rely heavily on their office chair, so comfort is crucial. Depending on the nature of the office, seating for guests might prove just as necessary as a desk chair. A company executive, for instance, needs to provide at least a few additional chairs for visitors and to accommodate meetings.


File Cabinet

Most offices need a place to store information, records or various company resources on paper. For this reason, a file cabinet is a staple of any office location. Though all file cabinets provide the same function, a wide variety of styles and colors exist for those looking to customize the decor in an office. They come in metal, wood or even leather, and have a lock to keep files confidential.


Conference Table

A large table, usually rectangular or oval shaped, used for a meeting for office workers to sit, discuss and plan. While starting to design your meeting or conference room, tables are not just something to fill your space, they are vital pieces that are key to the functionality of the room. Selecting the right table is really important particularly for your clients. If your table is not suitable, nothing else will fit and it will make it difficult to work from. Consider the different sizes and shapes of the people who will be sitting at the table and how they can all be accommodated. Also think about the hierarchy of those attending the meeting, it is important that key speakers can be seen and heard by everyone. Not keeping these things in mind could spell disaster for your meetings.




A credenza by any other name is still a credenza: a versatile, extremely useful piece of furniture that can configure to any room. According to Barbara Scott of Once In A Blue Moon Furniture, “People rarely ask for a credenza even though that’s what they want. They just come in here with measurements and tell me they need something to hold their television or whatever.” So if you are looking for that just right piece of furniture that combines storage with display space, the credenza just might suit your needs.



Although Lamps were more popular in the past for office illumination, most offices today use overhead lighting.


Desk Hutch

Hutch can refer to any of the following: * A form of furniture used as an addition to a desk, which has cabinets, drawers, or little alcoves for storage or filing


Secretary Desk



– mainly used for larger offices


Work Stations

Mentor Office Furniture carries all this type of office furniture and more. Stop in and see what we can do for you.

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