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Types of Chairs and What to Consider

Types of Office Chairs

There are different varieties of office chairs available in the market today. Even before you plan to buy one, think of your requirement and then about your comfort. If you are going to put in long hours of work sitting in one place, it is advisable to purchase office chairs that support your back, shoulders, neck and head. This is very important, as otherwise you are sure to invite trouble relating to your health. If you feel they are expensive to purchase, try buying used office chairs. The more comfortable you are, you more productive you are.


Purpose of Office Chairs

The purpose of buying office chairs is to be able to do the work in relative comfort. Whether they are used office chairs or new ones, people tend to work better when their body is alert and seated comfortably. When the stress level in the office is high, people tend to work harder and longer. If the chair is not comfortable, it can affect the work as the focus will be more on the bodily discomfort than on the work at hand. Neck sprain, muscle spasm, back pain, shoulder discomfort and joint pains are some of the side effects of not having supportive office chairs. Hence, understand the purpose of office chairs before buying it. Comfortable office chairs may be more expensive, but if you want to avoid discomfort and muscle pain, it might be a necessary investment.


List of Office Chairs available


Executive chairs

– These types of chairs come with extra padding of the seat. Hence, they assure you of more comfort. They have a high back rest, they can swivel and the height can be adjusted. Some of executive chairs have a head rest too that helps you to rest your neck and take a short nap.

Mesh chairs

– These chairs have mesh seats that allow air circulation better. This ensures that your body does not get sweaty and clammy.

Operator chairs

– This type of chair has caster and swivel, and enables people to adjust the chair according to their weight and height.

Leather chairs

– Leather has been the favorite material of people over the centuries because of its softness and durability. This kind of chair has a leather seat and is favored by lot of people.

Ergonomic chairs

– These chairs are made with the body of the user kept in mind. They give utmost comfort and support to your back and muscles by maintaining proper posture.

Guest chairs

– these chairs do not have caster wheels or adjustments as they are used by visitors who come for short visits only. They are multipurpose chairs and are easily stackable.

Conference chairs

– These chairs which are used in the conference room have wheels and have the comfort of a recliner or a guest chair. As people sit for a long time during conferences, they are made comfortable.

Working stools

– These are widely used by doctors. They have broad base and caster wheels. They have ergonomic features and are easy to clean and maintain.

Stacking chairs

– As the name suggests, these chairs can be stacked on top of one another. They are made of hard fabric and plastic and are versatile.


Other Factors to consider:


High Back or Mid Back Chairs?
Which type of chair is right for you?
Are high back chairs just for big, hi-rise corner offices, and mid back office chairs for conference rooms and managers offices?
What are the beneficial differences between the back sizes of office chairs?

A mid back office chair is great for managers. It is also a very nice alternative for a home office, but a home office chair that is not sat in for hours at a time. For example, if you plan on sitting in a mid back chair about 2-4 hours a day and are getting up and taking breaks from the chair, then a mid back chair will be fine.
However, if you are going to use your chair for more than 4 hours a day, office managers or home office users alike should graduate to high back seating – while the style is of an executive chair, the high back provides needed upper-back, neck and head support, which for long term seating is necessary. While at work you sit in your chair longer than 4 hours at a time. Obviously you take breaks during the day to walk around and stretch, but for the most part you are sitting. This is when high back chair allows you to lean back and provide your shoulders, neck and head with support, so there is limited strain on that area trying to keep head upright.
If you are considering an ergonomic chair, still get one with a headrest. Same situation. Just keep in mind how many hours you, your employees or co-workers will be sitting in the chair when assessing what type of office chair to invest in.

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