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Different Types of Desk Furniture

Whether you’re designing a home office or a professional office, a desk will likely be the focal point of the room. With such an important role, it’s important to choose the proper type of desk for the work that will be done. Depending on the type of work and the amount of storage or space needed, there may be a certain desk type that will best fit your needs.


Computer Desk

• The computer desk is a desk made specifically with the idea that a desktop computer and its accessories will be housed on or inside it. The desk also is made for the avid computer user, one who stores everything on the computer and doesn’t have many paper files or paper items at all. For this reason, there aren’t many drawers. In fact, many computer desks don’t have any drawers and are equipped with just a few shelves to hold accompanying items like a scanner or printer. Usually there is a flat desktop for the monitor and a lower shelf that is meant to hold the computer tower. This compartment is often open so the computer doesn’t overheat, but it may also have a door. Computer desks are generally small, with just enough room for a computer on top.


Executive Desk

• An executive desk is a combination of a writing desk and computer desk. The desk is made for someone who does some computer work but who also needs storage space for papers or other items. It has a flat surface, often with a small drawer in the front like a writing desk. It may also have a hole in the back of the table top for computer wires to go through with ease. There is often a tower compartment, but it is usually enclosed with a drawer and a hole in the back for wires and air to go through. There are usually other storage drawers on the opposite side of the tower for filing. Executive desks are often rectangular, resembling a standard writing desk, but can be L-shaped or C-shaped to easily fit into many corners of a home or office.


Corner Desk

• Like the name suggests, a corner desk fits into the corner of a room. It can be either a triangle or L-shaped to fit the space. Corner desks work best in situations where there is little space.


Cubicle Desk

• A cubicle desk is simply a table that attaches to cubicle walls. The size varies based on cubicle size–you can put two tables together to form an L-shape, if needed. Use a cubicle desk in situations where you are setting up cubicles for many workers.


Writing Desk/Drawing Table

• A writing desk at first glance may look similar to a dining table, with one exception: drawers. This type of desk usually has one to three small drawers at the top. One tiny drawer in the center of the table is enough to make it a writing desk and not a dining table. There may be locks on the drawers for privacy. Typically, these desks are for writers, architects or people who are working mainly on the table top and not on a computer, although laptops work well here also. The desk doesn’t have a spot for cords and doesn’t have a space for a desktop computer tower.


Ergonomic Desk

• Ergonomics is the process of setting objects in the workplace to fit the person working there. With an ergonomic desk, you can easily adjust the height and tilt so that the user is able to work more comfortably.


Roll-Top Desk

• A roll-top desk is usually an executive desk with a hutch but includes yet another element, a roll-top. Simple writing desks can also have roll-top hutches. The roll-top is an accordion-like device that can be rolled down from the top of the hutch to cover the contents on the top of the desk, perfect for the messy or private office worker. Since hutches include open shelves, the roll-top easily hides messy stacks of papers.


Secretary Desk

• A secretary desk is similar to a writing desk with a hutch, except the flat desktop folds up and down. The good thing about this type of desk is that it’s private and it’s slender, making it easy to use a laptop and to close everything out of site when it’s not. However, because the desktop folds up, computers (other than laptops) are out of the question. You also have to remember to clear your desk before folding it up, for fear that the papers will scatter everywhere inside.


Desk Hutch

• A desk hutch is a separate piece of furniture that sits on top of any desk. It’s especially good for writing desks because it adds more storage on top of the desk with extra small shelves and drawers. Hutches vary in design. Some include drawers, some are two or three levels, and some are just shelves within one level. Desk hutches may come included with a desk and can usually be removed easily if desired.

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